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Victor Adler, photo around 1910

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Victor Adler

Victor Adler was born in Prague and after studying medicine at the University of Vienna initially worked as a doctor. He finally devoted his entire activities to working for the Social Democrat Party and played a decisive role in reconciling the different ideological movements within the social democrats at the Hainfeld Party Conference of 1888/89. Victor Adler, who as late as 1882 had been working on the Linz Programme with the German nationals but had abandoned them in the light of the anti-Semitic attitude of Georg von Schönerer, succeeded in the following two decades in helping to make the Social Democrats a significant political power. In 1889 he founded its most important organ, the Arbeiterzeitung, which was published for over 100 years. Victor Adler died on 11 November 1918, only one day before the proclamation of the Republic of German-Austria.