Outbreak of the war
End of the war

Speech by Emperor Franz Joseph to the benefit of the Imperial-Royal Austrian Military Widows and Orphans Fund, sound recording, 14 December 1915

This sound documents was made in order to increase willingness to make sacrifices and to spread patriotic feelings, and it was for a broad part of the population the first opportunity to hear the voice of the Supreme Army Commander. The words of the Emperor were sold on records. It is an extraordinary document, since there are only three sound recordings of Franz Joseph’s voice.

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    The Emperor’s Voice

    During the First World War, the mental mobilisation of the population reached an unprecedented level. Propagandist actions included the production and distribution of sound recordings broadcasting the encouraging words of the emperor and leading generals in the Imperial-Royal Army.

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    Front lines – The course of the war 1914–16

    When the grim reality of the war became clear, Kaiser Wilhelm’s hearty promise that the war would end in a German victory by the autumn of 1914 – ‘when the leaves fall’ – was still fresh in all minds. In the first two years of the war, the Central Powers experienced both successes and also failures.

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    The failure of private welfare

    The many welfare measures organised with good intentions by private associations to help war invalids and war widows were more propagandist than of real value.