Outbreak of the war
End of the war

“On the Danube Canal: an enemy being captured”, propaganda postcard from the series “Our children in a great age”

The postcard shows children playing war scenes. Here seen from the Danube Canal against the background of a panorama of Vienna

Wien Museum

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    Children as the target of war propaganda

    All the belligerent states made children and teenagers the target of intensive propaganda with the aim of integrating them into the conflict. Parents, schools and clubs as well as books, songs and games were the main vehicles of this mobilization. The aim of this ideologization was to convey the concept of a ‘just war’, to evoke enthusiasm in the children and to recruit them for activities that supported the war effort.


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    The First World War – child’s play

    As the war increasingly made its presence felt in children’s everyday life, it also began to appear in the games they played. The general militarization of society also took hold in the nation’s nurseries. Role-play strengthened emotional ties with the aims of the war, while board and card games conveyed propaganda messages.