Outbreak of the war
End of the war

The conquest of Przemyśl by Russian troops in 1915 and the Tsar’s visits to the conquered town, film extract, RUS 1915

This Russian “news film” uses the conquest of the Przemyśl fortress for propaganda purposes. The Austro-Hungarian soldiers captured by the Russians wait at collection points for transport to the interior of the Tsarist empire.

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    The Opening Military Campaigns

    In the whole of Europe the military commanders preferred an offensive strategy, but after only a few months it became apparent that their attacks had failed nearly everywhere. Thus in the West trench and static warfare began. In the East the opening military campaigns turned out to be quite different right from the start.

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    On the Eastern Front, significantly more soldiers fell into enemy hands than on other battlefields. What were the key reasons for that? Were, for example, the soldiers of the Habsburg army ‘demoralised’ earlier by the events of the war than others? Or was it even a lack of loyalty towards the Danube Monarchy that caused them to switch sides?