Outbreak of the war
End of the war

War cemetery near Verdun in front of the Douaumont Ossuary, photo

Photos of the war cemeteries around Verdun have now become part of historical memory. They testify to the nameless thousands of dead. In the background can be seen the Douaumont ossuary, the burial place of the remains of unidentified soldiers. Douaumont is one of the main destinations of visitors to the Verdun battlefield.

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    Remembrance Tourism: Travel to the Sites of War

    The hotel-restaurant … offers you agreeable accommodation in the vicinity of the battlefields of Verdun. From here you can easily reach the memorial at Fleury, the fortresses of Vaux and Douaumont, the trench known as the Tranchée des Baϊonnettes, the charnel house in Douaumont and the subterranean citadel. An attractive detail: quiet and calm in the centre of town in a hotel offering every comfort.

    Viewing the sites of war began during the war itself, when members of propaganda bureaus, journalists and photographers travelled to the front in order to document the events taking place there. Since then remembrance tourism has become a business, which booms especially in the ‘round’ anniversary years. Hence the battlefields of Verdun are among the places in Lorraine which attract the most visitors. Such tourists thus make a significant contirbution to the region’s economic performance.