Outbreak of the war
End of the war

Speech by Colonel General Franz Freiherr Conrad von Hötzendorf, head of the General Staff, sound recording, 1 November 1915

The speech addresses the “indissoluble cohesion of all the peoples of Austria Hungary in the army and the fleet as a lasting fruit of the world war”, and is an example of a call to national solidarity

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    The impact of the war on civilian society

    The Austrian parliament (‘Reichsrat’) had not been convened since March 1914. At the outbreak of the war its splendid home on the Ring was demonstratively transformed into a military hospital.

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    Tones and Sounds

    During the First World War propaganda was acknowledged to be a crucial tool in modern warfare. Not only posters, flyers and postcards were brought out with patriotic motifs and vilifying slogans against the enemy, but also sound recordings with political speeches and propagandist pieces of music.