Outbreak of the war
End of the war

The members of the first government of German-Austria in March 1919, photo from Das Interessante Blatt, issue of 27 March 1919

Standing (from left to right): Under-Secretary of State Miklas, Departmental Councillor Horicky, Secretary of State Schumpeter, Under-Secretary of State Weihs, Secretaries of State Paul, Zerdik and Bauer, Ministerial Secretary Fenz, Secretary of State Löwenfeld-Russ; seated (from left to right) Secretaries of State Deutsch and Bratusch, Under-Secretary of State Glöckel, Chancellor Renner, Secretary of State Hanusch, Under-Secretary of State Ellenbogen.

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    A Marxist on Ballhausplatz – Otto Bauer Takes Over Foreign Policy

    The way that foreign policy was conducted in Austria underwent a radical change in November 1918. Up to then it had been in the hands of the Emperor and the upper ranks of the aristocracy; now Otto Bauer, a Social Democrat, took over as Secretary of State in the State Office for Foreign Affairs.

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    The High Price of Peace

    The aim of the peace conferences held in the suburbs of Paris between January 1919 and August 1920 was to create a new international order.