Outbreak of the war
End of the war

“The girl hero of the Drei Zinnen”, photo of Viktoria Slavs

Viktoria Slavs, using the name “Victor Slavs”, followed her father into the war and for her extraordinary services at the front was awarded the Silver Medal for Bravery.

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    Viktoria Savs

    Viktoria Savs, also known as the “heroine of the Drei Zinnen”, followed her father into the war under the name Viktor Savs in 1915. She served in the 2nd Innsbruck Landsturm Infantry Battalion and was awarded the Silver Medal for Bravery, First Class, the Bronze Medal for Bravery and the Karl Troop Cross for her services at the front. On 27 May 1917, Victoria Savs suffered a serious injury that led to her losing a leg and having to end her service in the war.

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    Women in the Trenches

    For a long time, the imaginary dichotomy between the ‘masculine front’ and ‘feminine homeland’ made it possible to make subtle distinctions between the various fields women worked in during the First World War. Why should we look for them in the trenches when their place was on the home front anyway?