Outbreak of the war
End of the war

Emperor Franz Joseph with the heir to the throne Karl and his wife Zita, photo

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    Karl as successor to the throne

    Archduke Karl was thrust sooner than expected into the position of successor to the throne after the bullets of Sarajevo. Nevertheless, he was not at all included in the decision-making in July 1914 when the pros and cons of the war were discussed. This is astonishing, because the eventual death of the aged Franz Joseph had to be expected sooner rather than later – and Karl would also inherit the war along with the crown.

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    Zita – to the very last for ‘God, Emperor and Fatherland’

    The long life of the last Austrian empress was marked by the political upheavals that changed the face of Europe during the twentieth century. However, Zita remained true to her principles: unconditional devotion to the Roman-Catholic Church and defence of the principle of legitimism, that is, the indeposability of the ruling dynasty of Habsburg-Lorraine.