Outbreak of the war
End of the war

Alexej A. Brussilow, portrait photo

From “Unteilbar und Untrennbar”. The history of the great world war with particular account of Austria-Hungary, Vienna 1919, Vol. 2, p. 184

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  • Person

    Aleksei Alexeevich Brussilov

    Aleksei Alexeevich Brusilov was a general of the Russian Army and in 1916 assumed supreme command over the South West Front. He gave his name to the Brusilov offensive, which he led and which marked Russia's greatest military success in the First World War.

  • Chapter

    Russia’s ‘Last Gasp’

    Despite their defeats in 1915 the Tsarist Army still managed to deal considerable blows to the Central Powers. General Aleksei Brusilov destroyed entire Austro-Hungarian armies in June 1916, although the offensive was by no means an operation that decisively turned the course of war. The temporary government that followed the downfall of the Tsar in spring 1917 tried once more to succeed on the battlefields, yet just caused yet more destabilisation within Russia.