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Georg-Trakl-House, Salzburg

From a historical point of view, the small square ‘Waagplatz’ is an important location. According to the well-preserved floor mosaic, the square was already populated during roman times. The existence of a building at this location was first mentioned in a document in the twelfth century (1181). The Admont Abbey has changed its owner several times – it was owned by the archbishop of Salzburg, the Admont Abbey and one uncle of Salome Alt von Altenau and Kaspar Freysauf. In 1815 he sold the building to F. A. Schaffner – that’s why from this time on it was called the ‘Schaffner-House’. In 1885, a flat on the first floor of the building was rented by the Trakl-family. On February 3rd in 1887, at about 6:30 p.m., Georg Trakl was born in the building. Six years later, in 1893, the family moved into a building situated across on Waagplatz 3.

Since the opening of the Trakl-Memorial in 1973 the house is named after the Trakl-Family. Currently it is owned by the Province of Salzburg and hosts several cultural organizations. On the first floor, a memorial was set up by the Salzburg Cultural Association at the premises of the former residence of the family. A testamentary gift of memorabilia from the family, owned by Mrs. Mary Geipel, the oldest sister of the poet, as well as a small collection of Trakl’s formed the basis for the establish, which has been continually expanded.

The most important expansion was the acquisition of the estate of Erhard Buschbeck, a school friend of Trakl’s (1978). This was accompanied by a gift from Prof. Lotte Tobisch Labotyn in 2008. In 1987, on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Georg Trakl, the memorial was expanded to include a research facility.

Today, visitors can still see existing pieces of furniture and have some idea of the atmosphere at the Trakl House. Autographs of the poet, school reports, photographs of family members and his self-portraits are all an important part of the stock. A 40 minute audiovisual presentation is available as an introduction to the life and work of the poet. 


Guided Tours: Mo-Fri (workdays) at 2.00 pm

Georg-Trakl-Forschungs- und Gedenkstätte
Waaglatz 1a
5020 Salzburg