Outbreak of the war
End of the war

The Vienna Secession as Association Reserve Hospital, photo, taken on 21 February 1915

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  • Aspect

    War and art

    Many artists, intellectuals and writers welcomed the outbreak of the First World War. They saw it not as an apocalypse but as the opportunity for a change for the better. As such they joined in the patriotic fervour of the first weeks and months of the war. What motivated them not only to devote their artistic energies to the fatherland but also to take an active part in the fighting? How were anti-war sentiments articulated by artists? What other forms of relationship were there between art and warfare during and after the First World War?

  • Chapter

    Künstlerhaus and Secession as temporary war hospitals

    Artists’ associations and artists were also caught up in the war fervour and made themselves available to the fatherland. The Künstlerhaus and Secession were both converted into temporary hospitals, with the equipment and supplies coming to a large extent from private donations.