Outbreak of the war
End of the war
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Changing of the guard at the Palace, short film, around 1900

The changing of the guard in the inner courtyard of the Vienna Hofburg accompanied by a military band (known popularly as the “Burgmurrer”) was a popular event in Vienna urban life. The recording shown here was made for the purpose of increasing patriotic feelings – thus the military ceremony is accompanied by apparently spontaneous shouts of “Bravo”. An attempt was made to synchronise a film recording with a sound recording. This is only possible to a limited extent, which shows all the more strongly the not quite authentic nature of this construction.

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    The Army: Austria-Hungary in its entirety

    The famous words ‘In deinem Lager ist Österreich’ from the poet Franz Grillparzer’s eulogy to Field Marshal Radetzky celebrate the Imperial and Royal Army as the supreme embodiment of the Habsburg Monarchy: ‘There in your encampments, behold her: Austria!’. Nor did the uniformly white-coated soldiers of the multi-ethnic army serve the state: they served Emperor Franz Joseph, who was ‘Supreme War Lord’.