Outbreak of the war
End of the war

Alexander Pock: Parade by the Austro-Hungarian Infantry Regiment No. 4 in the Vienna Prater, painting, 1896

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  • Story

    The Path to the War

    The course of events that led to the First World War was marked by mistakes and failures of judgement on the part of the traditional elites, who saw going to war as a solution for internal and external problems.

    At the centre of the maelstrom was a great power at a watershed moment in its history: Austria-Hungary. The shots fired at Sarajevo in June 1914 triggered off – but did not cause – a development that was to throw the old Europe out of joint.

  • Chapter

    The Army: Austria-Hungary in its entirety

    The famous words ‘In deinem Lager ist Österreich’ from the poet Franz Grillparzer’s eulogy to Field Marshal Radetzky celebrate the Imperial and Royal Army as the supreme embodiment of the Habsburg Monarchy: ‘There in your encampments, behold her: Austria!’. Nor did the uniformly white-coated soldiers of the multi-ethnic army serve the state: they served Emperor Franz Joseph, who was ‘Supreme War Lord’.